WIM F52 Foamer

WIM® F 52 is a foaming additive for sulfuric, muriatic, phosphoric and hydrofluoric/nitric blends of acid.

F 52 is a balanced formulation utilizing surfactants and surface conditioning agents.

This special combination of chemicals is a low cost foaming system which will build a layer of foam on the surface of your pickle tank reducing acid fumes, spray, and mist. The foam blanket is formed by the escaping hydrogen gas and when this bubble reaches the surface and breaks the F 52 bubble will tend to implode upon itself rather than exploding, throwing acid particles into the atmosphere.

The amount of foam generated depends on several factors including mechanical agitation and surface reactivity of the steel being pickled.

Low carbon to medium carbon grades of steel are not as reactive in a pickle as are higher carbon and alloy grades, so you can expect less foam to form when pickling lower carbon steel.

Download WIM F 52 Foamer data sheet