Production and Energy Savings

Naxidic Acid Is Designed to Improve Production

WIM has been developing additives for pickling for over sixty years. Naxidic Acid is the result of that experience. Naxidic compounds improve acid properties. And lets you pickle cooler!

The key to the problem is the evolving hydrogen gas. When you begin to effectively work with this gas many of the problems associated with pickling are solved.

Conventional inhibitors tend to smother this gas whereas WIM Naxidic Acid, Your acid + WIM Naxid additives, quickly pulls this H2 away from the surface freeing up the acid to continue its attack on the soluble oxides quickly and efficiently.


This results in

  • Faster scale removal
  • Shorter immersion times
  • Iron build up is retarded
  • Ability to pickle cooler*
  • Surfaces are pickled cleaner and brighter
  • Production is not effected using a cooler temperature
  • Tank life is increased
  • Recovered acid is more active

Energy Savings

Batch picklers can save about $1.00 – $1.50 per gallon of pickle solution per year. with a 5°F reduction.


Several years ago a study was made by a mill pickling 2,000,000 tons per year to see what energy might be saved reducing the pickle temperature 5⁰F. They determined they would save $275,000 annually nearly $0.14 per ton pickled.