Why WIM?

Since 1946 WIM Inc. has formulated specialty pickling additives to help you pickle better.

These products include pickling accelerators, inhibitors, rinse additives, lime and borax additives and flux additives for hot dip galvanizing.

Intelligent Pickling Saves Money and Energy

WIM products have been used in nearly every steel pickling application including

  • Rod
  • Bar
Hot dip galvanizing

Pickle to a brighter and smoother surface AND reduce operating time and temperature

WIM has been developing additives for pickling for over sixty years. Naxidic Acid is the result of that experience. Naxidic compounds improve acid properties. And lets you pickle cooler! More.

More about how WIM helps reduce your energy costs

WIM Acid Additives Pickle Cleaner and Faster than Regular Inhibitors.

WIM acid additives react with the hydrogen as it is formed when the acid attacks the soluble scale. These hydrogen bubbles polarize the pickling reaction inhibiting the rate of scale removal. Rather than try and smother the hydrogen WIM uses controlled depolarization to quickly remove the hydrogen from the pickling reaction. Once the scale is gone the depolarizers stop working and the WIM inhibitor takes over to protect the steel.

Faster scale removal helps the pickler choose the best way to operate.

Faster scale removal also means you can pickle colder and use less energy, a spectacular way to add up savings. Faster scale removal means you can use a weaker acid or safely pickle to a higher iron, your acid recovery is more efficient and acid consumption improved. Faster scale removal means that the recovered acid is not as sluggish. Faster scale removal means you can pickle intelligently tailored to your wants and needs.

Your money is put to better use by intelligent pickling.