Hydrochloric Acid Base

Naxidic Acid Using a Hydrochloric Acid Base

Dilute bath 1 ratio

If your bath is a ratio of 1:2 (one-part v/v acid to two parts v/v water) about 12%/wt then you can probably run at a ratio of 1:3 or about 9% by weight.

Drop one acid grade

If you charge at a 1:2 ratio using a 22 degree (35%/wt) HCl you can charge at the same ratio using a 20 degree (31%/wt) HCl.

Use less acid

You can lower your acid concentration by 2% by weight and get the same results. Any of the above methods will be the right one for you and your pickling operation.

Pickle colder

You can conserve on energy by lowering the temperature 2 to 5 degrees C (5 to 10 degrees F). When pickling at an ambient temperature you will be able to pickle better as the concentration weakens or better during the colder months when the temperature drops.

Faster pickling

Naxidic Acid will always out-perform its equivalent commercial grade acid. Brighter finish Naxidic Acid uses a micro-etch to improve surface brightness up to 28%.

Better bonding

Naxidic Acid leaves a cleaner pickled surface for better bonding of electro or hot dip galvanized coatings and zinc and iron phosphates.

Cut back current inhibitor use up to 15%

The added power of Naxidic lets you use a less aggressive pickle reducing your dependence on strong inhibition.