Lime Conditioners

Lime Conditioner

WIM Lime Conditioner is an additive which helps promote a soft tight lime by allowing better colloidal suspension of the lime bath.

Frothing and bubbling will be reduced and often eliminated. The coating of the lime will be softer and tighter. A softer coat will more readily act as a carrier in picking up drawing lubricants and can help reduce die wear. The tighter coating will provide more ease in drawing multiple drafts or other cold forming operations.

Lime has a tendency to settle and keeping the lime in suspension needs mechanical agitation along with the WIM Lime Conditioner. Mechanical agitation whether by mixers or pumps should be sufficient enough to prevent the lime particles from settling on the floor of the tank. Mixers or recirculating systems should pull the lighter lime slurry from the surface and force it back into the lower area of the lime tank. Steam jets tend to increase crystallization which is one source of froth on the lime bath. Air agitation also increases frothing and bubbling on the surface.

Titration of the lime is recommended in conjunction with a settling test. Both tests complement each other providing the needed information to retain a quality lime coating. The settling test will indicate the physical condition of the bath while titration indicates concentration.

Recommended Use

Add 3.8 L ( 1 gallon) of WIM Lime conditioner for every 6 bags of lime used to make up of the new bath. Then add 500 mL ( 1 pt) for every bag of lime added after the initial charge. The best temperature range is between 88 to 94 C ( 190 to 200 F).


The lime should not be allowed to boil as this speeds up crystallization and reduces bath life. Excess temperatures also tend to promote a poorer quality of lime coating.

Download the WIM Lime Conditioner Data Sheet