WIM 3-21

WIM 3-21 is a general pickling inhibitor for sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. It differs from other WIM additives in that it does not use surface conditioning chemicals, or depolarizers. Its added reliance on inhibiting agents assures maximum protection of the pickled surface. It can be used in a broad range of pickling applications such as; rod and wire, bar, pipe, sheet, structural, castings, plating and galvanizing to name a few. Acid usage is controlled as over pickling or burning is easily prevented. You will get a clean, free rinsing surface which is ready for subsequent coatings.


WIM MxC acid additive is a liquid inhibitor for hydrochloric acid that protects the base metal when pickling steel. The MxC is a unique inhibitor specifically made to be compatible with the Naxid additives.

WIM MxC is one part of a low cost inhibitor system which combines the MxC inhibitor with a Naxid additive. The Naxid additive has special acid conditioning agents that loosen scale for faster pickling Incorporating a WIM Naxid additive to the pickle line adds deep cleaning of the steel.