Products that Inhibit and Accelerate


WIM 2X is a pickling acid additive for either sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. It is a balanced formulation of inhibitors, foaming agents and surface conditioning chemicals, or depolarizers. This special combination of chemicals is blended to give adequate inhibition for a wide variety of pickling applications. Some of these include rod and wire, pipe, sheet goods, castings and hot dip galvanizing.

The unique blend of inhibitors, depolarizers and foaming agents in a single product gives you greater control over the pickling process. This is often noticed by the ability to pickle hard to remove scale faster or easier. Or simply a cleaner smoother pickle which readily takes other coatings such as zinc phosphates or hot dip and electro-galvanize.

You will notice that often you are able to pickle away scale at a better or faster rate. This is an indication of your being able to use a weaker acid or cooler temperature. Others will use these features to extend the life of their pickle tank, some up to 30%.

WIM 76

WIM 76 acid additive is a liquid additive which can be used effectively in a variety of pickling situations. It is a good choice when pickling in hydrochloric or muriatic acid and in sulfuric when pickling prior to hot dip galvanizing.

WIM 76 is a balanced formulation containing surface conditioning additives, an excellent wetting system and inhibiting compounds. This combination will pickle scale away faster, with a finer etch on the steel surface. The wetting system generates a tight long lasting foam blanket to control fumes, while the surface conditioners work to develop a brighter, cleaner surface, leaving less residuals on the steel

When WIM 76 is used for hot dip galvanizing, the pickled steel is cleaner, and the surface is better prepared to react with the flux and molten zinc producing a tighter, more ductile protective hot dip coating. When using WIM 76 for hot dip galvanizing experience has shown it is better to use it in combination with WIM 67. Complete details are covered in the PGF process for Hot Dip Galvanizing.