WIM Naxid Additives

WIM Naxid additives are the third generation of accelerating additives that combine several controlled depolarizers into one product for faster scale removal that improves acid consumptions, saving energy while improving production. Pickled surfaces are up to 33% brighter. They are used in combination with WIM inhibiting additives and WIM combination additives for full control over the pickling process.

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WIM 67

WIM 67 is a clear liquid acid additive which is used on an accelerator or extender for pickling solutions. It is a second generation accelerating additives with improved rates of scale removal being more active than WIM 69 or earlier WIM accelerators.

WIM 67 is used in those situations that demand maximum acceleration and rates of scale removal. WIM 67 does not contain any foam forming compounds or any inhibiting agents. It should be used with other WIM acid additives which do have these properties, such as WIM 2X. The WIM 67 is compatible with other brands of commercial inhibitors complimenting the inhibiting process.

WIM 67 will improve surface brightness up to 28%. It lets you pickle colder, reducing energy expense. It can pickle at weaker acid concentrations. The WIM 67 is designed to help you control costs and improve your pickled product. Once the scale and oxide is completely removed the accelerating feature stops; and lets the inhibitor take over, protecting your steel from over pickling or burning.

WIM 69

WIM 69 is a light amber acid additive which is added to a pickling solution to improve the rate of pickling after the iron exceeds 5%. It does not contain inhibitors or foaming agents and it is recommended that it be used with other WIM acid additives to include inhibiting properties for the pickle. WIM 69 is compatible with other brands of commercial inhibitors.

WIM 69 is particularly effective as a companion additive to the WIM 76 for pickling prior to hot dip galvanizing. It can also be used to extend pickle bath life, off-setting the inhibiting effects of high iron solutions or when galvanizing high iron and high zinc solutions.

WIM Accelerator Additions

Sulfuric Acid

Extend Tank Life

Add 3.8 L of additive for every 7,570 L ( 1 gallon per 2000 gallons) of pickle solution volume at the same time you make your last acid addition.

Maximize Pickle

Add in equal volumes of inhibitor and accelerator every time you add fresh acid to the pickle.

Hydrochloric or Muriatic Acid

Add 3.8 L of additive for every 7570 L (1 gallon per 2000 gallons) of pickle solution volume.

Maximize Pickle

Add at a rate of 0.1 to 0.5% of the actual HCl volume or add in equal amounts of your inhibitor addition whichever is less.