Since 1946 WIM Inc. has formulated specialty pickling additives to help you pickle better.

These products include pickling accelerators, inhibitors, rinse additives, lime and borax additives and flux additives for hot dip galvanizing.

Naxidic Acid

Naxidic Acid is a proprietary acid which improves sulfuric and hydrochloric acids used for pickling steel. Naxidic Acid converts your current pickling acid into a higher-powered version helping you pickle faster and cheaper without sacrificing product quality.

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Naxidic Acid Features | Sulfuric Base | Hydrochloric Acid Base

Products That Inhibit

These are all foam producing inhibitors. WIM 3-21 is used primarily in sulfuric while WIM MxC is effective in hydrochloric acid. Read more.

Products That Accelerate

These products are pickling accelerators which do not rely on a wetting system to provide acceleration. They turn on when there is soluble oxide to be pickled and turn off when that oxide is removed!

WIM Naxid additives are the third generation of accelerating additives that combine several controlled depolarizers into one product for faster scale removal that neutralizes the inhibiting effect of Fe in the pickle, improves acid consumption, saving energy while improving production. Pickled surfaces are up to 33% brighter. They are used in combination with WIM inhibiting additives and WIM combination additives for full control over the pickling process.

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Products That Do Both: WIM 2X and WIM 76

For a balanced pickling effect. WIM 2X is a universal product which seems to fit into almost any pickling application. WIM 76 can be used in either sulfuric or hydrochloric acid.

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WIM Lime Conditioner

WIM Lime conditioner is a designed to keep the lime particles in better suspension for a more uniform lime coating.

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WIM Flux Additive

WIM Flux Additive is used with any brand name zinc ammonium chloride flux for hot dip galvanizing. Its superior wetting properties allow a galvanizer to use up to one third less flux, reduce dross formation, cut spitting and popping of molten zinc when the loads are placed in the kettle.

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WIM Rinse Additive

WIM RN-RB is formulated to help in the removal of hydrolyzed iron salts left on the pickled surface and not removed in a normal stagnant or flowing rinse.

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WIM F 52 Foamer

WIM® F 52 is a foaming additive for sulfuric, muriatic, phosphoric and hydrofluoric/nitric blends of acid.

F 52 is a balanced formulation utilizing surfactants and surface conditioning agents.

This special combination of chemicals is a low cost foaming system which will build a layer of foam on the surface of your pickle tank reducing acid fumes, spray, and mist. The foam blanket is formed by the escaping hydrogen gas and when this bubble reaches the surface and breaks the F 52 bubble will tend to implode upon itself rather than exploding, throwing acid particles into the atmosphere.

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