Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naxidic® acid?

Naxidic acid is our trade name for any pickling acid that includes a patented WIM Naxid accelerating additive.

Why should I use this acid?

The chemical reaction is improved; scale is removed faster, inhibition of the acid starts sooner.

Why does a Naxidic acid work better?

The additive addition is a chemical depolarizer. It reacts with the nascent hydrogen formed when pickling.

What is a chemical depolarizer?

It is a compound that pulls the hydrogen away from the steel quicker allowing the acid to continue its attack on the soluble oxides.  Take a look at the Controlled Depolarization page for more detailed information.

Is a chemical depolarizer better than a wetting agent?

We think it is. Adding a wetter to the acid does nothing more than lower the surface tension of the solution and can weaken the inhibitor film.

What is the difference between a wetting system and a chemical depolarizer?

A controlled depolarizer simply relies on the natural evolution of hydrogen; an inhibitor of scale removal, so its prompt removal is paramount freeing up the acid to pickle away more scale faster. Once the hydrogen stops forming the depolarizer shuts down, the acceleration stops, and inhibition quickly begins. A wetter does not have this precise control when pickling.

Can I add a Naxid additive to muriatic acid?

Yes. Scale removal is faster, cycles can be cut or as the acid weakens and the iron builds the pickle will not slow down as quickly.  Continuous strip lines benefit more from lower energy costs when using the WIM Naxid additives and energy savings in excess of $100,000 per year per line are typical.

What about sulfuric acid or mixed acids?

A Naxid additive can be added to any pickling acid and improve its properties to remove scale from carbon and stainless steel grades.

Are there any other benefits when pickling with muriatic acid and a Naxid additive?

The pickled surface will be up to 33% brighter after adding a Naxid additive. Acid consumption can be cut up to 20%.

I don’t think I can pickle any faster. What can Naxidic acid do for me?

Sometimes the material handling will not keep up with faster pickle times. Once you have added the proper Naxid additive cut back on the temperature to accommodate the faster scale removal and save energy while keeping your old cycles. Your pickle time will just as it is now but you will save money with a lower energy bill.

Is a Naxid additive an inhibitor?

The Naxid additives are pure accelerating additives that remove the scale faster. They are not inhibitors.

What about my inhibitor?

You can continue to use your present inhibitor; the Naxid accelerating additives from WIM Inc. are compatible with commercial inhibiting products. WIM Inc. has inhibiting additives that are especially designed for the Naxid additives and their low temperature fast scale removal features.

How can you have and inhibitor and an accelerator in the same bath?

The reactions of both types of control take place at different times during the pickling reaction. The accelerator works on the soluble oxide while the inhibitor comes into play once that soluble oxide is gone.

We have a water treatment plant can we still use a Naxidic acid?

Yes you can. The residual acid in your rinse waters will be no different to treat than the waste you are now treating. Acid recovery systems will not be affected when using a Naxidic acid.

If I pickle colder am I really saving money?

Yes. Heating the pickle tanks is expensive. A 5°F reduction saves 7% in energy to keep that tank hot enough to pickle but not so cold as to slow down the line.

How cold can I pickle with a Naxidic acid?

We have seen some pretty sizable reductions in temperature over the years.  Our goal is to find the lowest safe temperature that does not diminish surface quality and production. A 10°F reduction in temperature is common.

Does WIM have combination additives with inhibitors and accelerators?

Yes, WIM 2X and WIM 76 are two acid additives we have sold for over 60 years that combine both features. One of our patents is based on improved inhibition by adding a controlled depolarizer to the formula.

I’m a Hot Dip Galvanizer will Naxidic acid work for me?

Yes, it will. The surface will be pickled cleaner and the galvanize structure will be bonded better and more ductile because of this cleaner surface. You can pickle colder and get the same energy savings and acid savings as other picklers.